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Visual Shoe Dictionary

Visual Shoe Dictionary

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gosh. shoes to die for. *scream*

gosh. shoes to die for. *scream*

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Alexander McQueen Titanic Ballerina Pumps


Alexander McQueen Titanic Ballerina Pumps

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Buendia Trip

Yesterday, I and July went to Buendia to take an exam in a company. BTW, Dad came with us. He also accompanied me two days ago to go to a certain company which I don’t wanna talk about. LOL. Bitterness much. So then, it was 2 consecutive days of exhausting job hunting thingy! It was quite a surprise when July said she’ll also take an exam. We met at MRT North Ave station. We arrived at the place 1 hour before the designated time. The test was almost postponed since the elevator was not working, but thankfully it was fixed on time. We had 65 minutes to finish the exam. After taking it, we had lunch and finally got our exam results.

Tall buildings are TALL

Those heels caught my eyes. tall heels are TALL. LOL

I bought my lunch at Sizzlin Pepper Steak due to my Dad’s request. Pork Pepper Steak.

We looked so haggard. ugh. Mind-blowing exam.

MRT Buendia Station

Hoping for the best. Prays hard that I’ll have good results on my interviews.

Last days with War Room mates

Last Saturday, an Architects’ night was held at HilCres Main Warehouse. Anne, Mhaine, Jez and Lourds slept over at our house. The next morning, Mhaine hurriedly went home since they’re having their fiesta that day. We planned to come after her, but then Anne had to be home by 6pm and we might stuck into a traffic jam. We just roamed around Angeles City and Anne treated us for lunch at Toll House! After that, we went to stores. Here are some of the pictures that day:

Anne and I. I sure miss her soo much.

Anne’s food

I, Lourds and Jez ordered Toll House’s specialty, Baked Macaroni!

yummy little Putos! :))

Wednesday, our last day. We planned to say goodbye to our war room and to Sir Rion coz we’re gonna concentrate already on our job hunting. It was quite sad since I haven’t had the chance to say goodbye to my other war room mates. It kinda felt awkward actually, but the whole experience working there was fantastic and awesome. It was full of happiness and I have learned a lot of things that will surely be of a big help when I entered a job. So after saying goodbye, I Lourds and Jez roamed around Nepo Mall. We had little shopping. You know, shopping is really the thing that makes us happy the most. LOL. After shopping, we passed by a flower vendor and decided to buy Roses for our mothers.

oh. y we looked so haggard?

Sto. Rosario Parish Chruch aka Pisambang Maragul

While we were buying flowers, there was an event going on in front of Museo ning Angeles. We hurriedly went there and watched a performance.

the performers looked so creepy. after the dance, someone asked us to hit his back with that palaspas thing O.O we were so scared.

There were also some Aetas in the event. They presented how they cook food. Rice and a dish cooked inside a Bamboo. Amazing. i wanna learn how to do that. Jessica took some photos of the Aetas.

We also saw the mayor!

Mayor Ed Pamintuan

this wooden-heeled shoes also caught our eyes. quite a fashion thingy, huh? :)

Jez stayed over at our house to conceptualize our performance for an upcoming contest. So there you go, my last days with my war room mates are quite FUN but I still hoped we spent it together. Dear friends would always be missed and I know we will be seeing each other again soon. :))

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shoes :))

shoes :))

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